Have a GreenTech Imaging complaints? No problem, we have you covered! That is why we created this page. It’s here so that if you have any complaints on Greentech Imaging. Let us know how you feel about the service you received. We love to hear your feedback. Thanks for stopping by our page.

4 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. Hi, just received a call and getting a “free trial” which I think is bogus. Im not paying something so get ready. Also why when I go to look you up there is no actual “greenTech” Website?

    1. In regards to your concern with the 10-day trial order, we have a strict company policy not to ship any merchandise unless our customers authorize us to do so. The order was cancelled by our verification department on September 12, 2014 as you have requested during a verification process call. You stated during the verification call that you did not want to do the trial offer so the order was not shipped – it was that simple!

      We thank you for your feedback and please feel free to contact us or visit our website at

  2. I phoned in today (10-8-14) and cancelled all future shipments from Greentech for customer GB5434 Bethel Life.

    We are not interested in doing business with Greentech.

    Please have account rep 0034 contact me.

    Thank you,
    Kent Bell

  3. I have finished the trail toner. it works fine like the original brand. Then when the shipment came, the toners were horrible. When I started to print, all the papers all black and ink all over the papers. I tried another toner, and its the same. So then I switched back to the original toner, and the paper are ok. I demand a refund for the toners

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